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by Solitarius
09 Nov 2009, 14:28
Forum: Cinematic Mod 10
Topic: 10.1 Sneak Peek
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Re: 10.1 Sneak Peek

As in, different combine skins ;)

Must say i like em!

Just an idea, but is there a way to make the eyes a real lightsource? so they give of some kind of glow to the enviroment in the dark or would that be over the top?
by Solitarius
27 Oct 2009, 15:41
Forum: Cinematic Mod 10
Topic: CM10.02 Update
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Re: CM10.02 Update

Thanks for the update,

Don't mean to be annoying, but got a Little comment, there's a typo in the installer:

Make shure steam isn't running or the installation will fail!

it should be 'sure', but i guess you know that ;)
by Solitarius
29 Aug 2009, 14:47
Forum: Cinematic Mod 10
Topic: Torrent Share Topic!
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Re: Torrent Share Topic!

Use the following tracker:

It will work. :)

PS: thanks for the torrent! The rapidshare would take forever to download :)

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