Metrocops don't drop ammo?

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Lord Snot
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Metrocops don't drop ammo?

Postby Lord Snot » 08 Sep 2015, 21:38

I decided to give Cinematic Mod a go earlier today, and it looks great, but there's one issue. I got to the first fire fight just after the teleporter malfunction near the beginning of the game, and noticed that the Combine Metrocops no longer drop any ammo when killed. Is this deliberate in order to make the game harder?

If so is there any method of playing without changes such as this that rebalance the game. I really like Half Life 2 to play as normal, without changes that make it harder, but it would be nice to also have the graphical enhancements?

I was trying to locate some kind of list that details all the gameplay changes that Cinematic Mod brings, and all the ways it differs from vanilla, but was unable to find anything like that.

Thank you.

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