We Maplers are used to grinding for everything

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We Maplers are used to grinding for everything

Postby Sletrry » 05 Jan 2019, 03:30

Mine is shade because of its mass, 100% posture, only requires one buff and it's fun overall since buy Maplestory M Mesos got me back into maplestory I love pirate courses and hero courses so colour was only created for maplestory.

Evans follow a exceptional development system instead of the normal 10, 30, 60, 100 scheme. They use a wide array of attacking abilities, a heart-touching storyline. Oh, did I miss the part in which you've got a pet dragon to fly, glide, and accompany you around at each command? It is so adorable beginning as a hatchling too. . Who is a big scary dragon? WHO'S a big scary dragon? Yesyou. . YEEEESS YOU! .


Shades are nice for people who want to lose weight and get their hands dirty fisticuffs style without needing to stop every couple of minutes to rebuff. Although I find that their storyline to be more depressing than a winter best deal on Maplestory M in mid April.

Phantom's would be the jack-of-all-trades course for people who require variety in their strikes. Steal I/L Archmage skills. Wish more DPS? Swipe abilities from Bowmen. Hit a warrior up to get a few of their blade swashbuckling abilities. Wish to play party service? . .)

Speaking of which, It could be sacrilegious if I did not say Bishops. The clergyman magic branch isn't a OHKO class by way, but rather it is better suited to the thinking person as opposed to a drag & drop button masher. Instead of relying on pure damage output.

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Re: We Maplers are used to grinding for everything

Postby D.Va20 » 17 Jan 2019, 14:31

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